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EES = Your partner for all kinds of PCBs

With more than 100 years collective experience the EES group consists of two German manufacturers well-established in the PCB-market. Together we as EES cover the complete product portfolio of PCBs, each plant bringing in its strengths and experience.

Thus you as our customer profit from the complete product range by one contact person and get the best quality from one source. Additionally to the PCBs from Germany we are offering you PCBs from Asia for price sensitive projects by our expert team and this in best quality.

Joint annual revenue > € 35 M and more than 250 competent employees mean stability, reliability and critical mass for the risk management policies of our customers.

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1. EES Asia - Why?

Why additional merchandise from Asia?

  • Customer with cost-driven projects that do not allow the customer to manufacture in Germany benefit from our experience of more than 45 years of PCB production at highest level.
  • Develop your project with our engineers in Germany – use the help in PCB design, secure your market value with the help of the ramp-up in Germany and then manufacture your large series in Asia to remain competitive. With the EES group and our production sites in Europe as well as our development departments and the experienced workers in production you have the entire supply chain of your board in a reliable hand.

2. Service

  • Our local offices offer you the opportunity to move globally. A local contact person, who speaks your language, supervises and controls your mission with the help of our colleagues in China – as if it were produced around the corner of you! This allows you to discuss technical support, logistics as well as all commercial matters with your local team in Germany – or simply rely on us with these things.
  • We cooperate closely and reliably with selected producers in Asia. With a team that has a daily view of all processes on site we have a direct influence on the manufacturing plant. We rely on the experience and know-how of our Chinese colleagues in both - the supply and quality assurance. All colleagues already have several years of experience with our manufacturing plants and know which parameters have to be changed in order to offer you an individual service and that with quality standards that we live in our factories in Europe.
  • Audits and so-called permanent factory scorings which pro-actively document and improve our high quality standard every day, ensure the highest level of quality.
  • We have a long-term, fair and close relationship based on partnership with all producers – thus we move at the level of the machine users as well as at the highest management level to obtain your printed circuit board as individually as needed.
  • We produce weekly and monthly statistics on the supply system – thus we ensure that we remain competitive at all times. Delivery reliability and quality statistics are discussed and evaluated monthly with our producers in Asia.

3. Quality Assurance

  • Our specifications for the requirements are based on IPC 6012 for rigid PCBs, IPC 6013 for flexible printed circuit boards and IPC 6016 for HDI boards.The acceptance requirements conform to IPC 600.
  • Each delivery contains both, a COC and an EES Asia test report. If required, we also gladly supply the original test records of the manufacturers.
  • All partner companies are of course ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified. All certificates are checked for completeness and correctness in our quarterly audits.

4. Products

  • Whether you need a single sided standard PCB or a high reliable rigid-flex or HDI board – our set-up with different partners in China can match your demand. Thus, we are always focused and can offer a competitive product in quality and price.